mePortfolio is a database application for storing personal securities trading.  It allows users to keep track of every transaction since the first date.  With its integrated NAV and FIFO concepts, users can

  • save trading orders for their reference
  • view current portfolio status and performance
  • measure performance over a specified period
  • know average buy/sell price
  • view trading logs either by summary or stock
  • view trading logs over a specified period
  • view their top gainers/losers
  • view commissions/taxes occurred
  • edit commissions/taxes profile.
  • manual commissions/taxes for a particular order.
  • short-sell order supported
  • adjust portfolio cash
  • setup initial securities profit/loss
  • profit calculator

For Full Version:

  • handle multiple investors
  • manage data file
  • no lock on some functions
  • option to disable ads banner
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