Add investment amount

Once you have added yourself as a new investor, you can always invest more by selecting menu Investor / tab ‘Order’ / type ‘Buy’

Buy/sell investment units

Should I update stock price before buying/selling investment units? Yes, because the application will use the lastest portfolio values to calculate the suggested NAV for you. This is to avoid profit/loss if there are more than one investor. Note that the update price should be the close price of the previous day.

Withdraw investment

You can select menu Investor / tab ‘Order’ / type ‘Cash Withdraw’ / enter amount required.


Note that you may need to sell some of your investment units first, if there is not enough available cash for your withdrawal.

Which commission

Select menu Tools / Commission-Tax. The application has provided 3 common types of commissions to choose from:

  • Percentage – by order amount
  • Per Share – per share
  • Flat Rate – per order


However, there are many varieties of commission / tax in practice; if you don’t find any matching, you may need to enter ‘Manual Commission / tax’ yourself.

Update commission / tax

If your commission / tax values change, you need to reflect them in the application.

  • select menu Tools / Commission-Tax
  • add new effective date
  • enter new commission / tax values
  • then, save

The new profile will be added and used as the default one from new effective onward. It is important not to delete previous commission / tax effective dates because the application still needs them to calculate previous orders.

Delete commission / tax

If you, somehow, need to delete the commission / tax profile, go to menu Tool / Commission-Tax, and select the effective date target and ‘Trash’ it.

Manual commission / tax

In cases you want to enter commission / tax manually, for example, you find no matching pattern supported by the application, or only need to customize for a particular trading order. You can do so by clicking ‘Manual Mode’ button , the second one from top right. This will expand extra inputs for you, ‘Comm’ and ‘Tax’.


To switch back to normal commission / tax mode, click the ‘Manual Mode’ button again.

Delete a trading order

Once you saved your order, you can’t edit it. However, if you found a mistake in your saved order, e.g. wrong price entered, you may need to delete that order. After doing so, you can add a new order to correct it.

help_howto4*search for the trading order target

help_howto5*select the order from the result list (any row on the target)

Please note that if the deleted order has an effect on the close price of delected stock, you may need to update close price for that stock as well; otherwise you may experience inaccurate data values.

Update current stock price

If the stock price has been changed since your saved order and you like to know the lastest portfolio values, you need to update that stock price.


Adjust portfolio cash

Sometimes you may need to adjust the portfolio cash, for example, when receive cash dividends, interests, or adjust for calculation rounding effects. The amount adjusted will be added up to the existing portfolio cash from the selected date forward.


You can check the adjustment impact by selecting menu Portfolio / tab Status / and Refresh.