Get Started

We’ll show how to get started with two cases.

Investor without initial portfolio

Assume a new investor with 10,000$ to invest. First step is to add the investor into Investor Part.

help_start1*date, select the first investing date

Note that you can repeat this step if you have more money to invest, by selecting Type ‘Buy’ instead.

Prepare commission / tax for securities trading

Assume your first investing date is 1/1/2012. On that date, your brokerage commission is 1% and tax rate is 10%

help_start2*effective date, it must cover your first trading date, select 1/1/2012

The saved values will be the default commission / tax rates on your trading orders from 1/1/2012 onward.
You may test the values by using menu Calculator.


Note that if no commission / tax rates have been prepared, the default values will be zero.

Your trading commission / tax values may change overtime, you can repeat this step by adding new effective date, enter the new values, and save. It’s important not to delete the old values because the application stills need them to calculate for the previous transactions.

However, if you don’t find any commission / tax pattern matching, you can manually enter commission / tax value for each trading order, see ‘FAQs’.

That’s all you need to prepare. You’re now ready to begin recording your securities trading. Let buy a stock, for example.


Investor with initial portfolio

Assume an investor with the following portfolio.

stock quantity acquired price
a 1,000 1.00
b 2,000 2.00
cash 5,000

We first need to add investor into Investor Part, as in the first case; but this time we need a little calculation for the total investment amount.

item value
stocks market value
(1,000×1 + 2,000×2)
cash 5,000
total investment amount 10,000

Then, enter the total investment amount and save

help_start1*date, select your first investing date.

Initialize portfolio

For stock ‘A’


Repeat the above step for stock ‘B’ with Qty of ‘2,000’ and Price of ‘2’.

Prepare commission / tax profile for securities trading

You can set it up like first case.

Initialize other portfolio values, if any

If you have realized profit/loss with some securities and want to record the values, you select menu ‘Tools / Set Initial Profit’.

help_start6*for initial loss, put the negative value.

You’re now ready to begin recording your new trading orders.